Die Blumen
Die Rose
Die Gerbera
Die Alstromeria
Die Margarita
Field Flowers
Exotische und Tropische
Die Anthurium
Die Lisianthus
Dekoratische Pflanzen und Baume
Sommer Kollection
Die Rosen nach Farben
Rote Rosen
Weise Rosen
Gelbe Rosen
Pinke Rosen
Orange Rosen
Pfirsiche Rosen
Bunte Rosen
Eine Rose
Spray Roses
Der Blumenstrauss für die Hochzeit
Rosen und Geschenke
101 VIP Rosen
71-77 Deluxe Rosen
51-55 Premiume Rosen
21-35 Rosen
15-19 Rosen
7-11 Rosen
Herz von Rosen
Rosen im Kasten
Rosen 50-60 cm hoch
Rosen 70-80 cm hoch
90cm+ height Roses
Geschenke und Überraschung
Blumen und Süßigkeiten
Komposition mit Süßigkeiten
Süßigkeiten und Getränke
Blumen im Korb
Geschenke Für Frauen
Geschenke Für Männer
Geschenke Für Kinder
Parfum Für Männer
Parfum für Frauen
Geschenke für Mutter
Geschenke für Vater
Remote Cars
Zum verschiedenen Anlass
Liebe und Romanitc
Hochzeit und Verlobung
fFür die Neugeborenen
Vermisse dich
Anlass des Geschäfts
Ohne Grund
Cognac und Brandy
Rum, Gin, Liqour
Blumenstrausse und Komposition
Blumen in Korb
Blumen, Süßigkeit und Getränke
Blumen im Kasten
Blumen mit Vase
Blumenstrauss mit Geschenke
Schokolate Sträusse
Korben mit Obst und Süßigkeit
Tiere von Blumen
Geburtstags Torte
Torte für Kinder
Schokolade torte
Thematische Torte
Für Frauen
Für Männer
Eckige Torte
Kreisförmige Torte
Herzenförmige Torte
Torte für Verlobung und Hochzeit
Torte für Erwachsenen
Express-Lieferung für Torte 1-2 Stunde
Neues Sortiment der Torten
Laut der Farben
Orange and Pfirsiche
Laut dem Preis
Bis €35
Von €35 bis €55
Von €55 bis €75
Von €75 bis €100
Von €100 bis €150
Von €150 bis €200
Von €200 bis €500
Mehr als €500
Armenische Kränze
Blumen für Beerdigung mit Express-Lieferung
Kugelförmige Kränze
Kreuzförmige Kränze
Herzförmige Kränze
Die Korben 120 cm
Kranzen 180 cm
Kranzen mit der Höhe 180-200 cm
Bis €75
Von €75 bis €140
Von €140 bis €200
Mehr als €200
Der Bestseller
Die VIP Blumen und Geschenke
Up to -27% Sale, Today's Offers, Seasonal Flowers
Die neue Kollection 2021
Beste Angebot für heute

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24x7 Customer Support

Customer Support
Our Customer Support team is always ready to answer all your questions online or by phone!

Mobile communications +374 55 500 956   Viber +37455500956  WhatsApp +37455500956 Telegram +37455500956
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Phone numbers +1 818 570 5800
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E-mail address info@flowers-armenia.com
Credit Cards, PayPal payment

We accept payments from 35 type of credit & debit cards via PayPal and bank transfers from all over the world.Payment Options

Payment Options PDF Drucken E-Mail

We do value Your time and endeavor to make everything so that it is easy and pleasant to pay for your order. At the moment we accept following payment options:

Наличными курьеру, оплата при получении заказа
Cash Payment to Courier
  • Separate payment - This is the most popular payment  method. if you want to make a gift for someone, but you are in different places! It is very convenient when the bouquet or gift is delivered to one person and the payment is completed by another. After selecting this option one of our courier will arrive to your place in Yerevan for taking money, and the second courier will deliver your order to the mentioned  "delivery address".
  • Payment on delivery -  Use this method of payment in case if  you want to present the bouquet yourself. For example, before going somewhere for some occasion (anniversary, wedding and so on). Our courier will deliver the bouquet you chose to your home or office and you will pay at the moment of receiving the flowers.
The Customer Support team of our shop will  answer all your questions about these payment methods, just call by one of phone numbers mentioned on the top!
Credit Cards
Credit Cards

We accept payments using credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, AmEx, JBC, and Discover via PayPal secure payment system. After making payment on you will be navigated from payment gateway page to our website.

There are two methods of payment:

  • Quick payment: you make the payment exactly at the moment of ordering. In this case number and price of order go to the payment interface automatically. You only have to write the details of your card in.
  • Set aside payment: this kind of payment is used when due to some reasons you couldn’t make the payment at the moment of ordering and also if you made your order by telephone, E-mail, ICQ. In this case you will be asked to write in not only the details of your card but the amount and the number of your order as well.
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
You can pay for your order from any commercial bank transferring the money. This is mainly for legal and physical entities by money transfer from your account to the account of our company.

If you chose this method of payment please note that a transfer may take 1-2 banking days. The amount of your payment should be equal to the total price of your order. Once the payment is completed please send us the check via fax or email in order to avoid delays. You will get a confirmation of money receipt at our operating account. After the money is credited to our account, your order will be fulfilled!
Web Money
Web Money
You can make a payment if you have an WebMoney account which allows using money funds in order to pay for ordered products just in a couple of minutes. An accounting system WebMoney Transfer provides account operating in a real time by means of accounting units – title signs WebMoney (WM).

Yandex Money
Yandex Money
Yandex.Money is thw  largest electronic payment service in Russia .Provided by Yandex, the operator of the largest search engine in Russia. Yandex.Money was launched in 2002. In 2013, Russia’s Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Eastern Europe, bought a stake in Yandex.Money. The company performs financial transactions in real time in Russian rubles allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. It provides payment processing for e-commerce sites, including payments with bank cards, Yandex's electronic money, cash transactions via 170 000 payment terminals and mobile payments as well. More than 76,000 online merchants, use the Yandex.Money payment solution for businesses in Russia and the CIS.

Money Transferes via Anelik, Contact, Migom, Moneygram, Bistri Pochta, Unistream, Sberbank Russia, Migom

International Money Transfers

Service money transfer without opening an account is designed for those who urgently need to send or receive money with minimal costs and a guarantee of reliability.

- this is the first Russian system of money transfers and payments without opening an account in rubles, U.S. dollars and euro in Russia, CIS and abroad. Commission with the sender is 2% of the transfer amount in rubles, 2-3% of the transfer amount in U.S. dollars and euro. The translation is carried out within 24 hours. The recipient of a money transfer is paid in full, with no commissions. The simplicity of design, as for the recipient, and for the sender.

Anelik ia a money transfer system without bank accounts. Money transfer system «Anelik» take and give to 65000 points, 90 countries worldwide.  This system guarantees a transfer within 1-24 hours. Registration of the transfer takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Anelik's fees are much lower than those of their competitors.

UNIStream International money transfer will help you send money without opening a bank account. The advantages of this system: The recipient does not incur any costs, convenience and simplicity of the transfer of all money transfers are accepted and given in cash in U.S. dollars, Euro and Russian rubles. The Commission is a money transfer starts from 1,5% depends recipient's country.

MoneyGram is a global leader in worldwide money transfer services, working closely with specially chosen agents in 180,000 locations across 190 countries and territories. MoneyGram is little bit cheaper commission fees than Western Union. Transfer takes about 15...50 minutes.

Quick Post - this is money transfers for individuals without bank accounts. The speed of the implementation of rapid transfer of this system is equal to 1 minute. Commission charged for the transfer, regardless of the amount of 2%, minimum $ 5 or 5 Euro. The total number of points, money transfer system «Fast Mail» exceeds 5000 in the territory of CIS countries. The advantages of the system is its speed, a minimum of formality and accessibility - more than 5000 points in the 11 countries.

Migom - a program of non-cash transfers of physical persons without opening an account in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Advantages of remittances MIGOM obvious - the maximum speed of money transfer - only 5-10 minutes, low commission rates - 2 to 3% of your money, implementation of the transfers and the issuance of money transfers in Russian rubles, U.S. dollars and euro, the payment money transfer without commission; easy when you make a money transfer.

Western Union - Very comfortable way to transfer money for those who live abroad. If you, for example, live in USA and want to order our service for your relatives or friends who live in Russia, it’s the most comfortable and quick method. It's possible to send money by Western Union from 170 000 places all over the World.

Sberbank Russia - Only for Russian residents! If you want to speed up the payment process you can first place the order on our website and select “Bank transfer” as a method of payment. After the payment in Sberbank please send us the copy of the payment order by our e-mail or telephone us to tell you have paid and provide us with order number and payment order number.
Deposit Money Via Terminals
If you live in Moscow or somewhere in Russia, you can deposit funds at any terminal shown on the left. These terminals are as common as ATM Machines in Moscow and St. Petersburg allowing our customers to save time by paying at terminal closest to your home or work. Currently terminals boasts over 1,000 separate pay stations in Moscow, around 150 in St. Petersburg, with terminals in Smolensk, Kazan, Ekaterineburg, Nizhnii-Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara. These terminals are located at many major supermarkets, gas stations, subway stations, metro stations, cafes, drugstores, bookshops, and other locations.
It may take up to 24 hours for funds to be deposited to our account. Please keep the receipt for delayed  transactions.
In our shop You will always find unique floral arrangements made with fresh and colourful flowers, as well as a wide assortment of gifts, cakes and balloons, which are suitable for any occasion.

The assortment of our website is updated every day, and You have an opportunity to buy flowers at best price!

The delivery is free of charge in Yerevan, and can be organized within 1-2 hours, at any time of the day, without weekends (24x7 sales & support).

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Lovely Bear with Roses
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Awesome Roses
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Red Regal Roses Bouquet

Red Regal Roses Bouquet
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Specially For You
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Your Shopping Cart is currently empty
Ihr Warenkorb ist derzeit leer.

Your Shopping Cart is currently empty
Ihr Warenkorb ist derzeit leer.